Leather Care

With proper care, your leather goods can last a lifetime. Here are a few tips to keep your leather looking fresh.


    Keeping your leather hydrated is key.

    Remember, leather is skin so it needs to be moisturized once in a while to restore its softness. Ideally, you'll want some type of natural leather balm, like Canadian Beeseal or Smith's, made with oils to condition and beeswax to protect your leather.

    Use a soft cloth to work the product in and give your leather a buff. Keep to light coats and don't go overboard with the amount of product.

    Tip: Try any care product in a small inconspicuous area first. Oils will always darken your leather but usually with time, it will lighten it up again.


    Avoid salt water wherever possible.

    Most people won't be going swimming with their leather wallet, but salt water can dry out dog collars and tarnish hardware. Salt sucks out moisture, so you'll want to clean and re-hydrate your leather swiftly if it's exposed to salt.


    Don't put your leather in the washing machine.

    Clean your leather with a specially formulated cleaner like Saddle Soap instead.


    Don't freak out about scratches.

    Patina is a process and while marks can be scary when an item is new, your leather goods will collect marks like stories. This all adds to its character and is part of what makes leather so special.